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Associated projects

- 2016-2018 COV3ER. Lead B. Loubet INRA Versailles. Funding ADEME AAP CORTEA.

- 2017-2020 GHG Manage. Coordinator University College Dublin – Ireland. Funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 R&I Prog FACCE ERA-GAS. Grant Agreement No. 696356.

- 2014-2017 CESEC. B Longdoz EEF INRA Nancy. Funding by ADEME.

- 2014-2015 Plant water isotope sampling network. D. Nelson University of Basel (Switzerland)

- Since 2014 Observatoire des saisons. Phenology of holm oak. I Chuine CEFE CNRS (France).

- 2012-2013 Estimation of the stand structure using Lidar remote sensing. Yellowscan. Avion jaune (France).

- Since 2011 EUROPhen camera network, L. Wingate, ISPA INRA (France).

- 2011-2013 ANR Vulnoz ozone flux, T. Lamaud, ISPA INRA (France).

- 2011 Use of electrical tomography to estimate the water holding capacity of the soil. A Chanzy UMR EMMAH INRA (France).

- 2010-2013 FUME Forest fires under climate, social and economic changes in Europe (EU- FP7- N°243888).

- 2009-2010 Physiology and morphology of Buxus sempervirens L. M-G. Letts Univ. of Lethbridge (Canada).

- 2006-2011 Nitroeurope IP The nitrogen cycle and its influence on the European greenhouse gas balance (EU).

- Métatranscriptomic approach of soil microbe community R Marmeisse AMEE CNRS (France)