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Selected publications

Rambal S, Lempereur M, Limousin JM, Martin-StPaul NK, Ourcival JM, Rodríguez-Calcerrada J (2014) How drought severity constrains gross primary production (GPP) and its partitioning among carbon pools in a Quercus ilex coppice ? Biogeosciences 11:6855-6869. (PDF)

Allard V, Ourcival JM, Rambal S, Joffre R, Rocheteau A (2008) Seasonal and annual variation of carbon exchange in an evergreen Mediterranean forest in southern France. Global Change Biology 14:714-725. (PDF)

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Rambal S, Joffre R, Ourcival JM, Cavender-Bares J, Rocheteau A (2004) The Growth Respiration Component in Eddy CO2 Flux from a Quercus Ilex Mediterranean Forest. Global Change Biology 10:1460-1469. (PDF)

Joffre R, Ourcival JM, Rambal S, Rocheteau A (2003) The key-role of topsoil moisture on CO2 efflux from a Mediterranean Quercus ilex forest. Annals of Forest Science 60(6):519-526. (PDF)

Rambal S, Ourcival JM, Joffre R, Mouillot F, Nouvellon Y, Reichstein M, Rocheteau A (2003) Drought controls over conductance and assimilation of a Mediterranean evergreen ecosystem : scaling from leaf to canopy. Global Change Biology 9:1813-1824. (PDF)