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Two treatment of the partial rainfall exclusion experiment established in 2003 received a treatment of thinning. The experiment was set up on 100m² plots situated on a flat area, so that lateral flow of water is negligible and replicated three times. The first is submitted to a selective thinning from below with 33% of the basal area removed and the second is thinned and subjected to throughfall exclusion. These two treatments are replicated 3 time.

- 2017-2020 INNOV’ILEX. Fonds stratégique de la forêt et du bois. Ministère de l’agriculture.

- since 2013 AnaEE (European research infrastructure, EU).

- 2010-2014 ExpeER : Experimentation in Ecosystem Research (EU FP7 N°INFRA-2010-1.1.17).

- since 2008 OSU OREME (CNRS, Univ. Montpellier, IRD, IRSTEA)

- 2007-2011 IMECC : Infrastructure for Measurements of the European Carbon Cycle an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I³) (EU FP6 n° 026188).

- 2002-2005 MIND : Mediterranean forest in INcreasing Drought (EU FP6 N°EVK2-CT-2002-000158).