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Selected publications

Rodriguez-Calcerrada J, Martin-StPaul N K, Lempereur M, Ourcival JM, del Rey MC, Joffre R, Rambal S (2014) Stem CO2 efflux and its contribution to ecosystem CO2 efflux decrease with drought in a Mediterranean forest stand. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 195-196 : 61-72.(PDF)

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Limousin JM, Rambal S, Ourcival JM, Rodriguez-Calcerrada J, Pérez-Ramos IM, Rodriguez-Cortina R, Misson L, Joffre R (2012) Morphological and phenological shoot plasticity in a Mediterranean evergreen oak facing long-term increased drought. Oecologia 169 : 565-577.(PDF)

Rodriguez-Calcerrada J, Jaeger C, Limousin JM, Ourcival JM, Joffre R, Rambal S (2011) Leaf CO2 efflux is attenuated by acclimation of respiration to heat and drought in a Mediterranean tree. Functional ecology. 25(5):983-995.(PDF)

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Limousin JM, Rambal S, Ourcival JM, Rocheteau A, Joffre R, Rodriguez-Cortina R (2009) Long-term transpiration change with rainfall decline in a Mediterranean Quercus ilex forest. Global Change Biology 15 : 2163-2175.(PDF)