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Selected publications

Lempereur M, Martin St-Paul NK, Damesin C, Joffre R, Ourcival JM, Rocheteau A, Rambal S (2015) Growth duration is a better predictor of stem increment than carbon supply in a Mediterranean oak forest : implications for assessing forest productivity under climate change. New Phytologist 207 : 579-590. (PDF)

Martin-StPaul NK, Limousin JM, Rodriguez-Calcerrada J, Ruffault J, Rambal S, Letts MG, Misson L (2012) Photosynthetic sensitivity to drought varies among populations of Quercus ilex along a rainfall gradient. Functional Plant Biology 39:25-37. (PDF)

Misson L, Degueldre D, Collin C, Rodriguez R, Rocheteau A, Ourcival JM, Rambal S (2011) Phenological responses to extreme droughts in a Mediterranean forest. Global Change Biology 17(2):1036-1048. (PDF)

Misson L, Limousin JM, Rodriguez R, Letts MG (2010) Leaf physiological responses to extreme droughts in Mediterranean Quercus ilex forest. Plant, Cell and Environment 33 : 1898-1910. (PDF)