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CO2, water and energy fluxes between the ecosystem and the atmosphere are continuously measured using the eddy covariance method. Such a long time-series of ecosystem scale data allows to study the responses of carbon and water fluxes to seasonal and inter-annual climate variability. The site is part of the national (ORE FORET), european (ICOS) and global network (FLUXNET) of eddy covariance sites. Eddy covariance fluxes of CO2, sensible heat, latent heat, and momentum are measured at a half hourly time step since July 1998 at a height of 12m (about 6m above the top of the dominant tree species). The eddy covariance system is installed atop a 12 m high scaffolding tower and includes a three dimensional sonic anemometer (Solent R2 during the 1998–1999 periods and R3 since 2000, Gill Instruments, Lymington, UK) and an infrared gas analyzer (IRGA, model LI 6262, Li-Cor Inc. ), both sampling at a rate of 20 Hz. Flux data are processed following Aubinet et al. (2000). Since 2014, all the material installed in order to complies with the requirements of the ICOS European infrastructure, a three dimensionnal sonic anemometer (HS-50, Gill Instruments, Lymington, UK) and an infra-red gaz analyser (model LI 7200, Li-Cor Inc. ) have been installed as eddy covariance system. Since 2015, an other IRGA (model LI 840A, Li-Cor Inc. ) has been installed to measure CO2 concentration at six different levels along the tower.


- since 2015 ICOS ERIC (EU)

- 2008-2014 ICOS (EU FP7 Preparatory phase)

- since 2008 OSU OREME (CNRS, Univ. Montpellier, IRD, IRSTEA)

- since 2008 CARBOFOR (Allenvi France)

- 2009-2013 Carboextrem (EU FP7 ENV-2008-1-226701).

- 2008-2010 CARBO France (GICC MEEDDM France)

- 2004-2008 CARBOEUROPE-IP (EU FP6 GOCE-CT-2003-505572)

- 2002-2003 CARBOFOR (GICC France)

- 2000-2003 CARBOEUROFLUX (EU FP5)

- 1998-1999 MEDEFLU (EU FP5)