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27 octobre 2022

New publication in Biogeosciences

Staudt, M., Daussy, J., Ingabire, J., and Dehimeche, N. : Growth and actual leaf temperature modulate CO2 responsiveness of monoterpene emissions from holm oak in opposite ways, Biogeosciences, (...)

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20 octobre 2022

Practical course of Master University of Montpellier. Oct. 10, 2022

14 students of the Master 1 Ecosystèmes from the University of Montpellier visited the experimental site for a practical course with the Profs. T. Decaens and F. (...)

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3 octobre 2022

New publication in Plants

Quer E., Pereira S., Michel,T., Santonja M., Gauquelin T., Simioni G., Ourcival J.-M., Joffre R., Limousin J.-M., Aupic-Samain A. et al. (2022) Amplified Drought Alters Leaf Litter Metabolome, (...)

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15 septembre 2022

New publication in Forests

Santonja M, Pereira S, Gauquelin T, Quer E, Simioni G, Limousin JM, Ourcival JM, Reiter IM, Fernandez C and Baldy V (2022) Experimental Precipitation Reduction Slows Down LitterDecomposition but (...)

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26 août 2022

New publication in Tree Physiology

Forrester DL, Limousin JM and Pfautsch S. (2022) The relationship between tree size and tree water-use : is competition for water size-symmetric or size-asymmetric ? Tree Physiology. (...)

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