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9 octobre 2019

Visite de l’association forêt méditerranéenne. 8 octobre 2019.

L’association Forêt Méditerranéenne met en place en 2019-2020 une série de journées d’informations, d’échanges et de débat sur le thème « Carbone et forêt méditerranéenne ». Dans ce cadre une trentaine de (...)

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9 juillet 2019

Extreme temperature and leaf damage in Puéchabon. June 28, 2019

The 28th of June 2019 has been identified as the hottest day in French history, and the extreme heat wave that happened in Southern France that day resulted in maximum temperature above 45°C for (...)

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15 mai 2019

New publication in New Phytologist

Gavinet J, Ourcival JM, Limousin JM (2019) Rainfall exclusion and thinning can alter the relationships between forest functioning and drought. New Phytologist doi : 10.1111/nph.15860. (...)

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25 avril 2019

First measurements of Electrical Resistivity Tomography on trunk April, 14-19 2019

15-19/04/2019 - Roderick Schapman (Univ. of Gent, Belgium) make first measurement of Electrical Resistivity Tomography on Quercus ilex trunk.

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8 avril 2019

7 presentations from Puéchabon at the 2019 EGU general Assembly, April 7-12, 2019, Vienna, Austria

The 2019 EGU General Assembly is held in Vienna, Austria from April 7 until April 12. This year the Puéchabon Experimental site will be particularly well represented in the science presentations (...)

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