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15 mai 2019

New publication in New Phytologist

Gavinet J, Ourcival JM, Limousin JM (2019) Rainfall exclusion and thinning can alter the relationships between forest functioning and drought. New Phytologist doi : 10.1111/nph.15860. (...)

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25 avril 2019

First measurements of Electrical Resistivity Tomography on trunk April, 14-19 2019

15-19/04/2019 - Roderick Schapman (Univ. of Gent, Belgium) make first measurement of Electrical Resistivity Tomography on Quercus ilex trunk.

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8 avril 2019

7 presentations from Puéchabon at the 2019 EGU general Assembly, April 7-12, 2019, Vienna, Austria

The 2019 EGU General Assembly is held in Vienna, Austria from April 7 until April 12. This year the Puéchabon Experimental site will be particularly well represented in the science presentations (...)

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1er mars 2019

Seedlings transplantation into the European Ecotron of Montpellier. February 25, 2019

Can trees acclimate to long-term increased drought ? And if they do, will their offspring respond differently to water stress ? The Puéchabon experimental site and the European Ecotron of (...)

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18 janvier 2019

Prix de la meilleure présentation scientifique à la Fonctional Ecology Conference 2018 à Nancy

Jordane Gavinet, postdoctorante au CEFE-CNRS, a remporté le prix de la meilleure présentation scientifique de la Fonctional Ecology Conference qui s’est tenue à Nancy du 10 au 12 décembre 2018. Son (...)

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